Vision & Mission


The continuing Audio Visual Icon of Sri Lankans.


With commitment and unity,creating timely, meaningful and intuitive programmes rich in knowledge, entertainment and education and disseminating them chiseled with state-of-the-art technology exceeding the expectations of Sri Lankans everywhere.

Key Goals

  • Improving the attractiveness, variety and meaningfulness of television programmes through changes to the format of the programme.
  • Reaching Viewers More Effectively by Appropriate and Strategic Use of State-of-the-art Technologies in a Converging Environment of Acquisition, Post Production and Dissemination Technologies.
  • Improving the physical infrastructure and productively developing the human resources of the institute.
  • Introducing new means of generating income for the institution.
  • Amending the statutory framework of the institution to suit the competitiveness.


Our Values

  1. Innovation
  2. Team Work
  3. Learning